Abardo Ltd

Build virtual conferences using your organisation's Microsoft Teams.

At every organisation there is so much to dosee and experience... however organising internal or external virtual conferences and events can be time-consuming and costly!
Abardo's Value Proposition: 
1) Empower employees to create, manage, and promote virtual conferences for internal or external audiences.
2) Seamless integration with your Microsoft Teams & Outlook Calendar.
3) Save countless hours per event and reduce marketing and IT costs.
4) Transform attendees' digital experience and measure impact using dashboards.

Organising internal or external events, such as open days, staff development or freshers’ fairs, can be time-consuming and costly. For any event, there are few things you need in place; for example, a web page to promote your event, some form of registration functionality for attendees, and sending many email and calendar invites to ensure everyone is aware of what is going on. And if it's a virtual gathering, then it can get more complicated. That’s where Abardo plays a unique part in empowering employees to do the above in a user-friendly, professional, and secure way using your organisation’s Microsoft Teams. You and your colleagues will be able to:

1.     Create professional and beautiful web pages for internal or external virtual events. 

2.     Abardo is built on top of Microsoft 365 so there is no IT setup required. You can simply sign up with your organisation username and password.   

3.     Your events will integrate seamlessly with your Microsoft Teams and Calendar – up to 250 attendees with Teams meetings and 20,000 attendees with Teams Live events. 

4.     Select speakers, build beautiful agendas, upload any files to your event page and make them available before or after the event. 

5.     Receive a dedicated landing page,, which your attendees can visit to view and join events that are taking place.

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