AI Chatbots

por About Xtreme

Artificial Intelligence software as a service to create 24/7 automated chat capability.

1. AI Chatbots are an IT solution to help end users get better answers to their questions – faster and at less cost than employees answering phone. Chatbots can be leveraged through many channels, on your website, mobile, etc. AboutXtreme take the vast amount of information from your website (and other sources) – to answer common – and not so common questions your users ask all the time.

2. All industries can use chatbots to help them save time and money. Government, Education, Commercial. Etc.

3. With so much information kept on public websites, residents will often resort to calling to ask the same types of questions … over and over! A chatbot can be trained to answer those questions with ease, reducing the strain on administrative staff.
i. How many folks do you have answering customer/user questions?
ii. What are the most frequently asked questions?
iii. What topics are the most confusing for your users?

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