Adobe Experience Manager

por Adobe

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Get personalized, content-led experiences to market faster in any channel.

Adobe Experience Manager is a comprehensive digital asset management (DAM) and content management solution (CMS) for building websites, mobile apps and forms - making it easy to manage your marketing content and assets and deliver them to any channel. It provides digital marketers and developers with a single flexible, composable solution that allows teams to bring campaigns to market faster and deliver personalized digital experiences that promote brand engagement, drive demand, and increase customer loyalty.

Adobe Experience Manager unifies content management across all channels using open technology standards, APIs, shared core services, and Content Services. Hosted on Azure, Adobe Experience Manager provides world-class security and scalability that responds to the demand and growth of each business situation.

Adobe Experience Manager includes a complete set of tools to create, manage, and deliver digital experiences across all channels:

  • Assets: Create, manage and deliver digital assets.
  • Sites: Compose and deliver experiences across online and digital touchpoints.
  • Forms: Multi-channel forms for digital enrollment, onboarding and customer communications management.
  • Screens: Deliver dynamic, interactive experiences to physical locations.
  • Adobe Learning Manager: Natively integrate digital learning experiences into your brand’s websites or apps.
  • Guides: A powerful, enterprise-grade component content management solution (CCMS) for delivering pre and post sales content.

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