A psychographic credit score (PCS)

por AdviceRobo

A SaaS service to determine credit risk based using a machine learning platform

Lenders, do you need a quick way to grab quality data from your customers? MyCreditRobo is the easy way to get that extra bit of psychographic data that’ll get your thin-file applicants accepted in a responsible way.

MyCreditRobo is a super easy to integrate online interview tool that generates pyschographic credit scores. Just plug in MyCreditRobo to your site, simply customise so it matches your brand and start generating psychographic credit scores today.

You can try MyCreditRobo for free. We will give you 20 psychographic credit scores a month. If you would like to integrate MyCreditRobo into your onboarding flow you can signup for the paid subscription of €500 a month. This will give you access to 100 scores a month and allow you to customise the experience and use our API for full integration. For more information please take a look at our product page