AffableBPM SaaS Solution

por AffableBPM Corporation

Automate Operational Business Processes to achieve efficiency and productivity

AffableBPM is an SaaS solution that streamlines end-to-end business processes by using automation that can be customized based on specific needs of small-to-enterprise businesses. Our customers have increased efficiencies by 100% and reduced penalty risk by $400K+.

Our solution solves the various business and operational problems of manual processes, use of human and physical resources, need for paper, missing deadlines, financial, and legal risks. AffableBPM makes this possible by automation of workflows, documents being in one place, timely notifications, collaborative approval processes, audit trails, and enhanced reporting while addressing your organization's climate and resiliency goals and strategies.

AffableBPM is used by various healthcare, education, and non-profit organizations such as Baptist Health, Children's Mercy, Vidant Heath, UF Health, Sarasota Memorial etc.

Benefits experienced by our average healthcare customers:

  1. Reduce approvals days by 75%: Their vendor approval process takes 30-40 days compared to manual processes which used to take 140-160 days before using AffableBPM Solution.
  2. Avoid potential penalties of $400K: Timely notifications helped not miss deadlines for contracts/compliances which could have created penalties for more than $400K in fines.
  3. Low code/ no code: Automate the customer’s general or a specific business process rather than fit work process to the requirements of the product
  4. Expedited Onboarding: Short learning curve, and ease of installation
  5. Rapid ROI due to competitive price and scalability
  6. Addresses sustainability with paperless processes and “Go Green” initiatives
  7. SaaS, HIPPA, and CFR (Code of Federal Regulation): Accessible anywhere on Microsoft Azure and HIPAA and CFR-compliant.

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