QR Inventory

por AHG, Inc.

A connected cloud - mobile software for inventory management, mobile data collection and workflow

QR Inventory is a connected cloud - mobile software for inventory management, asset tracking, mobile data collection, process tracking and traceability.

It uses mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) for barcode / QR code scanning, processing inventory transactions in real time, field data collection and information look up.

QR Inventory is integrated with Microsoft Azure Active Directory, allowing single sign-in with Microsoft credentials.

With QR Inventory you will be able to keep accurate real time inventory stock count and assets locations regardless of how dispersed your inventory or assets are. Using QR Inventory mobile application (available for Android and iOS) your employees can process inventory transactions as they happen no matter where they are: in the field, on the construction site, at a customer location, on the shop floor, in the warehouse or in the office.

Data collected on the mobile devices are sent to a centralized cloud location, and are available to all authorized users in real time.

If your employees need to access information on the assets or inventory in the field, QR Inventory is the right tool to use. Field technicians can access all data they need: equipment specifications, operating instructions, pdf documents, images, drawings, etc. on their smartphone or tablet by scanning QR code label.

QR Inventory is not "one size fit all" application. You can adjust QR Inventory to your needs: create custom transaction types, specify what data need to be collected for inventory transactions, create custom fields to hold all required information on assets and inventory, create custom pdf documents on the inventory transactions, and more. If your situation is not very common and you cannot find a ready-to-go software that feels just right, there is a good chance that QR Inventory will fit right in.

With QR Inventory you can do do much more than tracking inventory count and locations. QR Inventory with selected modules allows you to:

  • collect data in the field using custom mobile forms
  • track assets service and maintenance
  • create custom workflows
  • track business operations and production process
  • track building of assemblies
  • track lot numbers / serial numbers and achieve traceability

Check out for more information, and contact us at to discuss your project, get an access to a video demo and / or test drive QR Inventory.

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