Predictive and Generative AI Integration Platform

por AI2 Incorporated

Eliminate cross-functional challenges that slow Predictive and Gen AI productivity and adoption

AI Squared provides a seamless link between data, predictive and generative AI models, and critical applications. The platform drives innovation, accelerates market readiness, cost reduction, and fuels revenue growth. With AI Squared, organizations are able to simplify the complex, and transforms data into actionable insights and AI-driven solutions, eliminating cross-functional challenges that slow predictive and generative AI productivity and adoption. AI Squared is a platform designed for data scientists, business users, and product owners.

With AI Squared’s end-to-end platform:

  • Data Scientists can easily access data; build, load, optimize and test models before integrating into live web-based applications

  • Business Users can remove the barriers of adoption across the business, get critical information in real-time, delivered where needed

  • Product Owners can accelerate AI experiments and observational studies to quickly respond to market changes and emerging trends

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