Foresight Engine

por Ai Palette

A deep insights platform that spots trends and whitespace opportunities across food & beverage

Meet Foresight Engine, a complete, end-to-end insights and foresight platform for product innovators, consumer insights professionals, and marketing teams across the food & beverage landscape. This is a real-time solution that provides the following features and benefits:

  • Spot and track early consumer preferences and trends related to flavors, ingredients, products, habits, health benefits, and many more...
  • Instantly identify whitespace opportunities for new product development by seeing where consumer interest and demand are outstripping the supply of products containing specific flavors, ingredients, or food-related benefits
  • Foresight Engine collects the widest range of consumer and retail data including social media, search data, forums, recipes, menu items, and e-commerce products
  • We offer global capabilities covering 21 countries, 16 native languages, 16 billion data points...and counting
  • All trends and insights are specific to countries and F&B categories
  • Perform an instant analysis to understand what trends are developing across multiple countries
  • Discover trends with 7 years of historical data across consumer interests, sentiment, drivers, and other key indicators
  • Look into the future through our leading 12-month predicted growth algorithm

Note: This offer is for a single country, a single category, and a single user (excluding the US and China). See additional offers for categories, users, and countries.

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