Alef Platform

por Alef Education

An adaptive platform that provides personalized learning experiences.

Alef Education aims to revolutionize education by providing an adaptive platform for personalized learning to support teachers, school leaders, parents, and most importantly students. The Alef platform supports various students’ needs by processing data about where students are in their mastery, and the scaffolding of content so that they can advance on their learning path. 
The Alef platform provides unique features such as data analytics that help teachers differentiate instruction and intervention, experiential learning that enables students to apply and transfer their newly-acquired skills, practice lessons for further skill mastery, games aligned with lessons that further support student learning, and metacognitive scaffolds that create an effective instructional and classroom model. 
Digital content is designed to ensure impactful learning experiences which is customized to different curricula. A variety of elements are used to create multiple learning resources such as interactivities, simulations, games, and videos. 
Student progress is automatically analyzed through continuous assessment. Formative and summative assessments that give students hints and feedback on their performance are used to orient them towards either further mastery practice on target skills and their prerequisites, or towards the next set of task challenges associated with the learning objective. 

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