Case Management System Framework for Courts

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Full life cycle Court Case Management System

Integrated Case Management System (ICMS) is a single system for covers full cycle of Case Management on all levels of courts from First Instance to Appeal, from Appeal to Supreme Court of Justice. In addition to ICMS framework manages Courts, their offices and session rooms as well as Courts staff, judicial teams and panels. 

It helps justice sector institutions modernize case record management, speed up case processing, and expand citizen access to justice, thereby fostering public trust in the justice system.

Integrated Case Management Software Framework features a complete set of standard, ready-to-deploy and easy-to-customize case management functions, as follows:

• Case creation and participant indexing function;

• Case event register function;

• Scheduling function;

• Calendaring function;

• Document generation and processing function;

• Hearings function;

• Disposition function;

• Execution and compliance function;

• Case closing function;

• General accounting function;

• File, document, and property management function;

• Security and data integrity function;

• Integration with Audio Recording;