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Efficient and productive meetings are the key to success - optimize your resources!

In many companies, meetings are very important and take up a lot of time every day. It is important to clearly prepare, efficiently conduct and post-process the meetings. These aspects and today's requirements for agility, digitalisation and innovation in connection with meetings were at the heart of the development. Furthermore, there are anonymous feedback questions after each meeting integrated, so that a continuous reflection and further development of the meetings and corporate culture takes place. 
We are convinced that meetings are the highest unused potential of employees, managers and companies. 
Our product stands for a new kind of reflection and working platform:

  • for the recovery of time (efficiency)
  • for easier achievement of results (effectiveness)
  • for sustainable cultural development (development of culture)

In the areas of sustainable cultural development, self-reflection, personal responsibility and efficiency, our product is an ideal instrument for developing both employees and the company in an agile way. Everybody is going to profit from meetings that are more efficient and the integrated feedback questions. Starting with a self-reflection, then a group-reflection and speaking about meetings and culture will lead to a change and improvement for both topics. In general, the target customers are companies with many meetings. These companies can come from all different sectors. In smaller companies, considerations of efficiency and effectiveness play a particularly important role. In addition to these two aspects, the cultural component is also an important factor for larger companies.
This application is available in English and German. The content will be available in English.

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