Altia-ABM: Insight

por Altia Solutions Ltd

End-to-end criminal investigation management software designed solve various types of crime.

Insight is an end-to-end investigation management software product that has been designed to handle any type of case. It is fully auditable, allowing you to illustrate every step of your investigation. Insight doesn’t mean imposing a new process on your organisation; it’s about making your existing process more efficient and effective. It can be used in any jurisdiction and for any type of investigation. With key information and documents all in one place, it can help you spot patterns, uncover connections and manage your information in a cohesive way that helps you reach conclusions and prepare court-ready documents. Sharing information within your team and with other organisations is also made easier with this investigation management software, as is allocating resources and tracking the progress of your investigations. Insight is the one system approach you’ve been looking for.

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