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Microsoft 365 ITSM and AI-driven ticketing tool for streamlined IT services

  • Is there a lack of effective communication and collaboration within your IT team or with other departments?
  • Is your team spending more time on reactive problem-solving rather than proactive planning?
  • Do you need to prepare for security certification such as ISO 27001, Cyber essentials, NIS2, etc.?
  • Struggling with upper management to defend the IT budget?

Microsoft 365 Service Desk for one stop for tickets, changes and incidents driven with Azure OpenAI

A user-friendly Microsoft-like interface that ensures ease of use for users and gives a powerful tool for agents. Gain an overview of workloads with data in hand, set clear priorities, and enhance communication with AI driven support. With comprehensive reports, you can effortlessly track your team’s progress, defend your IT budget planning, and ensure compliance with security certifications such as ISO 27001, NIS2 or SOC 2.

AI Assistant powered by Azure OpenAI

Our AI Assistant streamlines operations and minimizes downtime with automated root cause analysis, incident detection, and ticket connection analysis. It also accelerates ticket resolution through OCR technology, ticket summarization, and resolution suggestions.

Microsot Copilot integration

Drives self-service and facilitates access to services for maximum user satisfaction.

ALVAO Service Desk in Microsoft Teams

Our ticketing tool in Teams gives you to create, manage and resolve tickets using chats and dashboard. Leave routine tasks to our 24/7 ALVAO bot, providing seamless self-service support directly in Teams.

ALVAO Service Desk in Microsoft Outlook

Experience Service Desk in Outlook with simple integration. Easily browse, assign, manage, and create tickets directly from emails and your mailbox.

Configuration and upgrade without a hassle

Minimize manual and repetitive tasks using no-code workflows, streamline ticket routing with automation, employ codeless custom forms, and tailor the interface to maximize end-user satisfaction.

Get rid of manual tasks with Power Automate

Run integration processes in other systems directly from requests in ALVAO or perform automated operations on ALVAO tickets, based on actions in other systems.

Easy integration with robust REST API

Connect Service Desk third-party applications to accelerate data sharing and reduce process time.

Data-driven culture with Power BI

Analyze insights of IT performance that help you allocate your IT budget efficiently. Get out-of-the-box reports with data from Service Desk to see how well you're meeting goals, metrics, and KPIs.

Automate ticketing from Zabbix alerts

Detect outages and security incidents early with Zabbix monitoring and ALVAO integration.

The most valued features by our customers:

  • Intuitive user interface known from Microsoft 365.
  • AI workflow automation
  • Quicky-easy deployment and a unique licensing model that saves costs.
  • A fully mature IT environment with seamless connection between Service Desk and Asset Management.
  • ALVAO helps with compliance with security certifications like ISO 27001, ISO 19770, Cyber Essentials, SOC 2, NIS2 etc.

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