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Analyticalways end-to-end Solution

The fastest market results for your Stocks in end-to-end planning, management and omnichannel.

Analyticalways is a Cloud Solutions development company and we specialize in Retail and Fashion. We help you analyze, plan and manage:

  • Merchandise Planning & Assortment Planning
  • Replacement of products
  • Transfers between stores
  • Stocks management improvement proposals
  • New models launch management
  • Open To Buy Government
  • Sales simulation with variable coverage
  • Promotions and exceptions
  • Sales seasonality
  • Cannibalization impact
  • Stock proposals for new products
  • Discounts Suggestions

In a few months, the companies that use our solutions can check the reduction of the level of its stocks and the increase in your sales, achieving important improvements in its ROI and in the other KPIs of the company's government.

Our predictive analytics technology and our algorithms based on machine learning feed our platform s.a.a.s. and they allow to achieve capacity of reaction and of anticipation that allows to prevent ruptures and excesses of stocks. The tool is therefore revealed as a prescriptive intelligence solution that guides retailers in making the most important decisions throughout their buying and selling campaigns.

Stock module: stop losing sales With the solution s.a.a.s. of stock planning Analyticalways, you will know what products you have to send to your stores to avoid imminent stockout.

You will gain reaction capacity to act in face of the new Retail challenges, also with suggestions for each product in each store.

In just one month you will see results in the rotation of your stocks and in the growth of your sales.

In addition, you can always have answers to the most typical questions of the day to day of the retailer:

  • How many products should I send to my stores?
  • To which should I lower the price?
  • The exposure of what products should I review?
  • How many new products should I enter?
  • How many are going to cannibalize existing ones?
  • How many should I transfer?
  • How are my KPIs?

Merchandise Planning Module: The key to Success To help you with your pre-season processes in Retail we have created a solutions platform, whose main objective is to start "planning" an ROI suitable for your investments.

The key is to minimize the need for corrective measures throughout the campaign, reducing the risk of overstocks and product failures.

You will have the possibility to execute agilely a pre-season planning of sales, product and purchase.

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