Workflow 365 Approval Manager


Microsoft-certified online document approval management

This application is available in English and French

The system automates the entire process of coordinating corporate documents. This gives you powerful and flexible tools to manage approvals and provide transparent access to process information. The system will help any corporate client using Microsoft 365 to make the process of approval of any documents (contracts, invoices, powers of attorney) faster, more convenient and safer without additional costs for software or hardware. Managers can approve requests online from anywhere, anytime, so employees no longer have to wait for responsible people to come into the office to review paper requests and sign them.

Key features:

• Document storage in a single data warehouse.

• Serial and parallel document reconciliation for contracts, invoices, powers of attorney, etc. When reconciling in parallel, the system collects comments from all reconciliation participants. If someone rejects the request, their opinion will be considered, but we do not immediately stop the entire process. If someone rejects the request in a serial reconciliation, however, the process stops then and there.

• Delegating reconciliation authority. Reconciliation participants can designate another employee to their role for the time of their absence.

• Designating employee groups as reconciliation participants.

• Managing contract preparation, delegating tasks to legal department employees, implementation deadline control.

• Full-function document search.

• Creating any number of reconciliation paths.

• Adding additional reconciliation participants after the process has started.

• Constant process status monitoring (current stage, current reconciliation participant in charge, total status).

• Easy, secure, and quick access to the data via the Internet, including from mobile devices.

• Adding counterparties while reconciling a contract.

• Support for Microsoft Teams.

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