Power Platform Governance with Runpipe


Compliant use of Microsoft's Power Platform

Runpipe is the only platform accelerating data culture by making your people tech-savvy and guiding them to build successful and compliant data products.


Providing the flexibility of decentralized digitalization to your business comes with the challenge of defining standards, consistency and governance to your organization. How to make sure every data product that is being created is fully compliant? How to manage the lifecycle of all those projects? And how to support Citizen Developers in building data products at scale?


Runpipe is now integrated into Microsoft’s Power Platform, making it very easy for you to ensure a governance of all your Power Apps, Power Bi Dashboards and Flows. Use Runpipe’s intelligence to give Citizen Developers a guided and automated access to the Power Platform.


Accelerate the adoption of the Power Platform, while meeting your company’s compliance.

1. Governance Automation: Runpipe provides an out-of-the-box solution to automated lifecycle management for Apps, Dashboards and Flows, that are created on the Power Platform.

2. Enablement & Support: Runpipe provides best-in-class video content and expert support to enable Citizen Developers building more data products in shorter time.

3. Compliance Assessment: Runpipe provides workflows to collect required information for every project being built on the Power Platform, making it easy to monitor compliance.

Finally, we’ll put you into the driver’s seat of your company’s digital transformation, as you will have insights into all projects, business cases and ongoing trainings. You’ll be able to fuel your company’s pipeline with data projects and monitor their impact– and by doing so, creating real strategic value for your company’s success.

Get started now, to accelerate your data culture with Runpipe and Microsoft’s Power Platform.

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