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eQuaze is an Online Query Redressal solution that allow stakeholder automate entire complain process

eQuaze is an online query redressal solution that allows Schools, Colleges Universities to automate entire compliant management process and enhance stakeholders’ satisfaction by providing prompt access and efficient redressal of grievances.

Built-In Components of eQuaze.

Knowledge Base Articles: The system includes repository of frequently asked Questions & Answers which will assist the department and management to easily resolve cases in a timely manner.

Queue Routing: This is a workflow automation which allows the grievance representatives to prioritize Grievances based on certain parameters and respond accordingly.

CTI/IVR Integration: We offer seamless integration between the CTI/IVR systems and eQuaze to automate the process starting from Calling of the Customer to registration of the Grievance

Social Media Analytics: Automatic Grievance creation from Social Media platforms like Twitter etc. and drill down Interactive Dashboards to analyse the sentimental behavior of the Customers

Benefits of eQuaze

·         Single platform for receiving queries from different Stakeholders

·         Allowing Stakeholders to Register Grievance without even logging-in

·         Bringing Visibility and Transparency into an Organization processes

·         Mobility feature built in for quick access anytime & anywhere

·         Adoption of Robotic Process Automation which streamlines overall Grievance process

·         Increasing Stakeholder’s Satisfaction & Reducing Employee Attrition

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