SmartVM API - Improve your vendor master file

por Apex Analytix

SmartVM API - The most efficient way to improve your vendor master

Vendor Masters are the foundation of everything that happens in procure-to-pay. They define approved business relationships, capture critical trading partner data and control who gets paid, how and when. But can you trust your vendor master? Are you able to separate valid entries from those that are aged, inactive, duplicated or fraudulent?

The APEX Analytix SmartVM API vendor master cleansing, enriching and continuous monitoring technology automates vendor master management to help you mitigate risks, eliminate costly information gaps and improve your supplier records over time.

Procure-to-Pay (P2P) leaders across the world's largest companies find it difficult to find authoritative sources of data they can trust. And, even if they have that data, they see the task of updating and maintaining it as laborious. With SmartVM API, the entire vendor master process can automate procure-to-pay operations. You can clean, enrich and continuously monitor your vendor master to create trusted supplier data - all in real time.

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