Aridhia DRE Workspaces

por Aridhia Informatics

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Digital Research Environment built for biomedical research, precision medicine and healthcare

Aridhia DRE is a Digital Research Environment that facilitates secure, auditable and reproducible research, allowing data sharing with role-based access control for collaborators and research groups. Core to this functionality are our collaborative workspaces which provide the project space in which to perform the analysis of multiple data types, in order to translate clinical research into mainstream clinical practice.

Key Features

  • Collaborative Data Management
  • Compliance, Information Governance and Security
  • Solves data sharing and collaboration problems that can facilitate research and artificial intelligence in health
  • Comprehensive biomedical analytics functions for real world clinical data
  • Advanced Analytics and Cognitive AI services
  • Subscription-based commercial model

Analytics and AI

Aridhia DRE Workspaces allows researchers to collaborate in an audited and secure information governance environment designed for working with patient data. Built-in tools facilitate data upload, ingest and transformation. Workspaces offers the broadest analytics workbench, supporting reproducibility challenges in research and gives access to the world-class compute and data fabric on Azure.

  • Point and click data table editor and analytics modules driven by R code
  • Interactive R console with scripting and package management
  • Prototyping Mini-apps using R Shiny to support visualisation and commercialisation
  • SQL programming interface with analytical extensions (OLAP, windowing)
  • Automated publishing with built-in journal templates
  • Bring your own tools with a Windows or Linux virtual desktop
  • Integrate with Azure Machine Learning Services and Cognitive APIs


Security features include multi-factor authentication, role based access control, self-service user management and comprehensive audit. This provides stakeholders with extensive activity reporting, tracking all access to files and data. The Airlock provides managed data export using audited, approvals-based download request facility, supporting disclosure control and output checking.

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