Digilytics Platform

por Arimon Ltd.

Digilytics AI-enabled platform to deliver business solutions faster, better, cheaper.

Digilytics™ is a closed loop AI-enabled cloud hosted SaaS platform. It ingests data of any variety, at any velocity and of any volume to generate real-time visual and conversational insights, using advanced analytical & AI techniques, that are embedded into transactional and decision support systems. Solutions developed on the platform create a consumer-grade insights consumption experience supported by efficient insight generation. The platform is supported by three modules: 1) Business Interaction Manager (BIM)
Provides businesses with consumer grade experience of consuming insights generated on the Digilytics™ platform leveraging visual and conversational (both text and voice) techniques that can be shared across discussion forums and groups. 2) Recommendation Manager (ReM)
Makes it easier to deploy, maintain and calibrate AI models across the enterprise. ReM drives intelligence into transaction and decision support systems to enhance their assistive capability by providing real-time insights and recommendations and making business operations intelligent and more effective 3) Baikal
Is a data lake that supports management of data – of any variety, from any source, and at any velocity - for analysis and insights generation. Baikal helps with easy ingestion, cleansing and preparation of data from disparate sources including standards ERPs and its proprietary intelligent document processing system in order to generate actionable insights.

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