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ArqGED is the solution for your business documentation and information.

ArqGED is a document management software that allows users to dynamically solve problems with location and traceability of information in any format (paper, digital, electronic, microfilm, etc.), beyond this, we have the possibilities of:
- scanning paper documents with OCR (ocr optical character recognition);
- BPM: Business process management;
- checking for the lack of documentation, based on rules defined by users;
- searching a document based on your content or metadata;
- managing the time that the document needs to be stored and managed;
- sending a key with an expiration time to a person outside of organization (a third party) to access a document online;
- managing physically and electronically the document storage;

Our solution is aligned to multiple industries.

Our solution is developed with all technologies from Microsoft Azure, such as: App Service, Blob Storage, SQLAzure, AzureTable and WebJob.

You can know more about the software at

Note: This app is only available in Portuguese.

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