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Aston iTF Order to Cash Collection Platform

ASTON iTF FINTECH DELIVERS A FULL CREDIT MANAGEMENT AND COLLECTION AUTOMATION SaaS SOLUTION CHALLENGES: Collections improvements provides outstanding value to all businesses because of the critical nature of cash for growth. Many collections teams still rely on manual processes and spreadsheets to manage dunning activities Lack of automation and lack of data create productivity and efficiency issues, hurts customer service, negatively impact cash flow, Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) and growth ASTON iTF COMPANY • 8 years of proven track records with large, medium and small companies worldwide • An obsession for customer success and satisfaction • 165,000 companies automatically contacted on behalf of our customers • € 3.5bn of financial flows A VERY QUICK RETURN ON INVESTMENT Key benefits for our customers: • 80% automated collection actions • 50% reduction in overdue amounts • +30% increased productivity for collectors • +25% increased customer satisfaction Let’s share a specific ROI, a company that achieves € 100m annual turnover, 74-day DSO, outstanding € 20m and 50% overdue invoices • Cash impact: € 5m additional cash thanks to Aston iTF • Cost impact: € 0.8m reduction in costs and provisions on bad debts, productivity gains for teams. • Qualitative impacts: Factoring and credit insurance pre-requisites and team motivation, improved financing costs, increased customer satisfaction A COMPLETE SUITE FOR THE CFOs AND CREDIT MANAGERS • Performance Analysis: one click and in real time dashboards. Spot easily the sources of optimization for your organization • Customer risk analysis: Real-time customer scoring calculated on their payment behavior. Analyze and share the risk level of each portfolio, subsidiary, client • Collections automation: Automate 80% of your actions, reduce by 50% your overdue amounts. Adapt in one click your customers segments, your mail or email templates, and your collections strategies • Disputes tracking: categorize all your disputes, collaborate inside and outside your company easily, reduce time needed to close your disputes. Our collaborative workflow and timeline will make it easy for you. • Credit Insurance & Factoring: Aston iTF platform provides an easy to use digital assistant to robotize all transactional processes related to those time consuming services and is connected to the key players for credit insurance and factors All of these modules are available to choose from and in multi-currency, multi-language mode. Aston iTF relies on the flexibility of the cloud and offers an economic SaaS subscription model. Easy to connect to all major ERPs. A dedicated Customer Success Manager is available for a perfect adoption of Aston iTF.

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