AvidXchange AP & Payment Automation


To help companies automate your invoice and pay process

AvidXchange AP and payment automation solution for Microsoft Dynamics Users helps organizations eliminate inefficient, paper-based processes and easily pay their bills. We provide bill capture services backed by automated workflows that can present bills electronically for convenient approval from anywhere using a laptop or mobile device. Once approved, our AvidPay Network of over 700,000 suppliers provides a secure and efficient way to pay bills directly from your Microsoft Dynamics accounting system.

Key Benefits:

Suite of Integrated Solutions: AvidXchange AP and payment automation solution for Microsoft Dynamics Users offers an end-to-end solution, including invoice and pay, all integrated with your Microsoft Dynamics accounting system so you aren’t jumping from one system to another.

Full-Service Supplier Services Team: We have 400 experienced team members who are laser-focused on onboarding your suppliers, understanding the conditions under which they will accept e-payments and ensuring they get paid on-time. This team will also handle the following time-consuming tasks for you: supplier e-payment conversion and execution services; check ageing services; management of supplier inquiries; ongoing OFAC screening services; positive pay processing and exception management service; maintenance of supplier payment profiles; and remittance communication services.

Eliminate Manual, Inefficient Processes: Our bill capture services backed by automated workflows allow your team to focus on approvals, not data entry.

Improve Internal Controls and Reduce Fraud Risk: Our solution provides a bill image backed by a detailed audit trail and payment controls, such as positive pay processing. 

Easily Pay Suppliers: We provide a variety of payment methods for your suppliers to choose from: Mastercard, AvidPay checks, or AvidPay Direct, our enhanced direct deposit payment method.

ROI Benefits of ePayments: In addition to reducing your AP staff’s manual tasks, with Mastercard and AvidPay Direct payments, you can earn incentives on qualified ePayments, helping to further improve your ROI.

Anytime, Anywhere: As a web-based solution, your AP team and any approvers have the ability to conduct invoice and payments tasks, including approvals, anytime and no matter where you are.

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