SmartStash - IMS & knowledge management Microsoft Office 365

por Fellowmind Germany GmbH

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Smart knowledge management with IMS functions in Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Teams!

SmartStash is a very convenient way to get started with knowledge management and an easy IMS (integrated management system). Its seamless integration into Microsoft Office 365 Modern UI supports the daily routine and thus is well accepted by Users. Easy usability, fast information locating and smart approval processes form the core of SmartStash. Additionally, the app works as an integrated management system.

With SmartStash no important information will be lost or go by unseen again!

“We need knowledge management!”

A statement which makes everyone shudder who actually has to make this project work. Why? This is obviously easier said than done. At least until now!

Everyone who already had to establish a new software knows the pain of organization, implementation and – the worst of all – user adoption. If users don’t want or understand the new software, they don’t work with it. It must be easy to use and understand to be accepted.

The Microsoft Office 365 application SmartStash eliminates most of the establishment problems a new software implicates:

• Corp-wide adoption of a new solution (technically and psychologically)
• Current Software compatibility verification
• Additional administration cost

Instead you start with a smooth and well-thought-out integrated app with:

• compliance management functions
• ISO standards
• document control
• quality management
• special audition workflows
• Microsoft Teams integration

To push collaboration even further, SmartStash can be added to Microsoft Teams. With a seamless working space - consisting of SmartStash and Microsoft Teams – productivity will be on another level.

Test SmartStash now!

Get in contact and we will organize a personal live demonstration.

Recent SmartStash Features:

• 100% integrated in Microsoft Office 365
• Intelligent search
• Full-text indexing (even documents)
• Intuitive usability and easy templates
• Process oriented audition possible
• Sophisticated role and capability system
• Many types of documents can be edited directly (Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.)
• Users can contribute to the improvement of articles through flagging
• Professionally conducted version management
• Information can be classified as relevant and interesting
• Information can be spread to single users and teams
• Administration center with license overview
• Content of notification E-Mails can be changed individually
• Including special SmartStash Webparts

This application is available in english and german.

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