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Transform your workplace to a paperless environment And Organize your documents, the digital way.

Paperlez is a handy tool when it comes to automating offices. Office automation is largely admired by organizations at the moment. They search for optimal software in every ‘nook and corner’ for tallying their requirements for transforming into a self-sustained automated workplace. Paperlez is a tool which creates, collects, store, analyze, and shares confidential office data that is required to accomplish basic day-to-say routine tasks and processes effectively.

Highlights Of Paperlez office

Paperlez Docs

Digitize, Categorize, Assign your office documents in the safe and secure Document Management Module of Paperlez

Paperlez Tasks

Powerful task management tool helps to manage the tasks allocated to the members of the organization

Paperlez Notes

Sticky notes are handy notes that make your work easier. With paperlez, you can create notes and even share them with the other members of the organization.

Paperlez Meetings

Keep track of your scheduled meetings, share meeting minutes, mark the attendees etc. all in one place.

Paperlez Chat

With its powerful internal chat engine, Paperlez is one of the most effective office automation platforms which has a wide range of features

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