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SUPERLOAD Vehicle Permitting and Routing Software

Automate your permitting and routing of oversize/overweight vehicles, including application processing, route selection and analysis, and permit issuance – in conformance with state restrictions and road conditions.

SUPERLOAD streamlines the permit process and improves accuracy for both permit applicants and your agency, reducing costs and saving time for all involved.

SUPERLOAD software provides an online solution for routing, analysis, permit issuance, and secure payment processing for OS/OW vehicles. Your agency can automate the full permitting workflow using SUPERLOAD, including accounting and credit card transactions – while saving permit applicants hours and, in some cases, days in the permitting process.

This can help your agency: Streamline process and improve accuracy for permit applicant and permit provider Reduce costs and save time for all Ensure safe travel for permitted vehicles while enabling management of movement within specific areas Improve reliability and accuracy of routing and permitting information

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