SEMINE - AI Accounting Automation Suite

por Bilagos AS

Automation of accounting using AI and robotics

We are on the threshold of digitalization and automation of accounting.

Our goal is to automate accounting through new and advanced technology such as machine learning (AI) delivered as a cloud service in Azure.

SEMINE is behind the development of a robot with artificial intelligence that will automate the invoice processing for companies, accounting firms and banks. The SEMINE robot has been developed with unique, self-learning algorithms for the execution of processes related to invoice handling. SEMINE is integrated in the client’s existing ERP system so that previous investment and accounting history is safeguarded. World leading interaction designers and leading technologists and research environments within AI ensure a good user experience.

By using robotics in combination with artificial intelligence, we increase workers’ work capacity, remove repetitive tasks and offer the opportunity to realize major cost reductions and increased value.

SEMINE is currently available in English and Norwegian.

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