Sales & Financial Analytics Dashboard


Ready-to-run analytics dashboard for SMBs. No development knowledge required.

If you are part of a small or medium company that wishes to keep up with the competition and take advantage of the current analytics trends, but perhaps without the significant resources and efforts behind the establishment of a Business Intelligence team and BI infrastructure, do not worry! 

Leverage the power of your own business data through our Sales and Finance application. We will take the burden away from you and provide you with pre-made interactive dashboards with specialized analytics for different fields in your organization.

Never mind having to acquire any new skills or software architecture.  You can focus on your business as usual, and our app will provide you with ready-to-consume visuals and metrics to get you started on your data journey and get a new data-driven scope for more informed decision making and diagnostics on your business performance.

Level up today and realize your business potential by uncovering hidden insights in the very own data you always had!

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