Bit2win Omnichannel Sales Suite


Our CPQ helps you boost your core business while being easily integrated with our own and other CRM

Our Omnichannel Sales Suite is composed of 3 different platforms that can all be managed separately. Each module has distinct capabilities and can be integrated with any platform and CRM you have.

It aids clients of every industry in satisfying their specific business needs and simplifying processes, boosting sales and customer relationships with an all-in-one solution.

Our CPQ helps you boost your core business while being easily integrated with our own and other CRMs.

Scalable to respond to your fluctuating demands, it develops alongside your business.

Thanks to its 100% API-First structure and its different microservices, our CPQ is resilient and allows you to easily add, remove, or upgrade specific services without impacting the rest of the solution.

Our CPQ Boosters

Our comprehensive solution allows you to overcome any hurdle other CPQs may be limited by and gives you the freedom to customize the perfect solution for your needs.

These are our Boosters which you can combine and vary to create the perfect fit for your business — no need to compromise:

OMNICHANNEL APPROACH: Enter your client’s orbit directly by creating an omnichannel experience that revolves around the customer’s desires.

SPEED OF LIGHT: Speed up order entry, product search, and comparison, accelerate internal processes, and catapult your business light-years ahead of the competition
EASY TO USE: Sell complex products effortlessly, use bundling and a flexible rules-engine.

ENGAGEMENT BELT: Create a gravitational field of engaging campaigns and pull your customers right in, keeping them satisfied and excited for more.

UNLIMITED SCALABILITY: Start your engines! Accelerate time from quote to cash, rendering the entire sales process more efficient.

SAFETY BUCKLE: Out there, every misstep bears a huge risk. Eliminate configuration and pricing errors for a safe journey.

Bit2win was recognized as a Visionary in the 2021 Gartner® Magic QuadrantTM.

Bit2win’s CPQ offers a comprehensive solution to any business need.

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