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COVID-19 Digital Passport Solution

CoronaPass™ is an app to support COVID-19 policy implementation and risk management 

With this powerful solution, organizations can quickly create different pass types, such as a Vaccine Passport or validated negative test result. Through this, businesses, employees and citizens will be able return to normal activity more quickly, with the lowest possible levels of risk.


Introducing CoronaPass​ 

With CoronaPass organizations can create different types of passes demonstrating that an individual is free to leave home or enter a building for example. The criteria for pass types is set by the organization implementing the CoronaPass solution.​ 

One example of the solution is to allow users to apply for a pass through the validation of Vaccination certificates or COVID-19 test results. Following a test or vaccination, they receive a CoronaPass QR code that can be stored on mobile devices (similar to downloading a boarding pass) and presented for validation when necessary. ​ 

The solution can be implemented in a matter of days. It is scalable, robust and secure – based on Bizagi’s market leading intelligent process automation platform. 

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