PlanR Financial Plan Solution

por Blue Sky Global Retail Solutions

Multidimensional Planning Solutions

Do you have a problem with the transparency of your planning process? Are you sure that everyone is working with the correct numbers? PlanR is an Azure based SaaS solution, which supports creating and developing trading plans, applying flexible and easy-to-use planning solution templates for your business. This cloud-based solution is a perfect tool for financial teams that offers an intuitive, fast, integrated and collaborative platform for managing, executing and controlling business plans. Why should you choose PlanR? • enables creating high and low-level detailed financial plans rapidly • easy-to-use financial planning templates • user-friendly interface helps with quick user adoption • built-in wizard to support workbook creation • has a financial planning best practice collection Key features of the application • information is stored and represented on the multidimensional framework • store, display and manage data at various levels of the hierarchy structure • working with separated branches of data to achieve an effective and rapid workflow • users can create multiple plans • multi-role management is pre-configured for different user roles. Services we provide • disaster recovery service is provided by the platform • on demand high availability • full life cycle services • monitoring, support and maintenance

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