Bottomline Healthcare Privacy and Data Security

Bottomline Technologies Inc.

Application layer monitoring to identify & investigate inappropriate access to patient records.

Bottomline privacy and data security for healthcare provides the next layer of defense against data leakage; theft; employee snooping; and exposure of VIP health records. The solution enhances the control you have over HIPAA compliance by reducing the risk of human failure to adhere to critically important policies and procedures. The solution is designed to identify and track employee snooping by monitoring each action a user makes; comparing those actions to a set of predefined rules; and using advanced analytics. When an employee action or pattern of actions is defined by the rules as suspicious; an alert is created for compliance officers to review and investigate. Because the system monitors real-time actions as well as historical data; it can flag a variety of different schemes while helping to reduce false positives by learning a user’s typical routine. 

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