Bytello Class Pro

por Bytello Ltd.

Educational SAAS solution, provides personalized teaching & learning feactures

As an educational SAAS product, Class Pro provides convenient, efficient, and personalized teaching and learning solutions for teachers and students. It offers cloud-based access and usage, real-time updates and data synchronization, customizable and scalable features, as well as effective learning and performance enhancement functionalities.
Cloud-based access and usage
Class Pro can be accessed and used through various devices such as personal computers, tablets, and interactive smart boards. Teachers and students can connect to the classroom anytime and anywhere through the internet. No separate software installation is required, just log in to the account and start using it. All course materials and learning records are synchronized and updated.

Real-time updates and learning data synchronization
Class Pro enables real-time interactive teaching where teachers and students can engage in immediate interactions and sharing, including conducting in-class tests. Teachers' annotations and students' notes are synchronized and saved in real-time, facilitating subsequent learning and review.

Customizable and scalable
Teachers can customize and scale courses based on the number of students and course schedule, allowing for personalized teaching plans.

AI-enabled, automatic generation of student learning plans
By incorporating artificial intelligence technology, Class Pro significantly enhances teaching efficiency. It automatically generates personalized learning plans for students based on their performance in class and level of participation, determining the knowledge points to be learned and designing a review plan based on the forgetting curve.

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