Quantum Azure

Bytes Software Services

Industry leading platform to provide insights to Azure usage, billing and driving optimisation

Key Features

Uses Microsoft Power BI dashboards

Data pulled from Billing API and directly from Azure

Hosted in Azure UK

Unlimited user accounts 


Alignment of costs with business stakeholders

Effective management of test, dev and production cloud costs

Visualise and identify cost savings

Get the information needed to modernise your cloud estate

In-depth cost management, budgeting and forecasting

Management of Hybrid Benefits and reserved instances

Gain insights into unexpected cost increases down to resource level 

Complete Visibility

Your current commit and consumption levels

Commit balance used and remaining

Potential saving opportunities

ROI of Hybrid Benefits and reserved instances

Where to optimise pay-as-you-go spend

Where to procure and apply Reserved Capacity

Where Windows and SQL licenses can be applied

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