BHC3 Reliability


Take Early Action to Identify and Prevent Anomalies

BHC3 Reliability™ is a fullstream AI software solution that provides reliability engineers, process engineers and maintenance managers with AI-enabled insights to address process and equipment performance risks. The application identifies anomalies, provides prioritized alerts to operators, recommends prescriptive actions, and enables collaboration across the enterprise. The application delivers value through increased revenue from recovered production, reduced costs of unplanned downtime, extended equipment life, and improved safety in operations.

BHC3 Reliability uses unsupervised and supervised machine learning algorithms to identify issues that can lead to equipment downtime and process upsets. Major systems monitored include off-shore oil platforms, downstream refineries, and connected field equipment. The application leverages the BHC3 AI Suite™ to integrate enterprise-scale data from disparate sources such as individual sensors, operational systems, and enterprise-data historians.


Introducing is a joint venture that brings together the technology expertise and fullstream portfolio of Baker Hughes with’s unique AI software for enabling digital transformation of the oil and gas industry. We believe in the power of Enterprise AI to deliver predictive intelligence that helps oil and gas businesses radically improve outcomes. The joint venture delivers the industry-leading BHC3 AI Suite, a platform to build enterprise scale AI applications 40x to 100x faster than alternative approaches. The BHC3 AI Suite delivers pre-built, configurable, high-value AI applications for predictive asset maintenance, system reliability, production optimization, inventory optimization, well placement and completion, well integrity, and yield optimization.

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