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Concentrated intelligence in Sustainability & ESG information for Financial Services

Environmental, social and governance factors (ESG) have been recognised but overlooked in financial services, with concerns of diminishing financial returns. But things are changing, and they are now the yardstick by which to measure the sustainability of companies. Regulatory pressures and client demands are forcing investment houses to embed ESG into their investment principles and decision-making processes. Taking a more holistic approach on the choice of investment vehicles, recruiting talent and incorporating data solutions that transform them and us into responsible investors.

The CadDo platform provides an investment-grade ESG index score right out of the box. This is seamlessly combined with any other index or measure to create a truly holistic view. Everything from institutional holdings by portfolio through to individual investor positions can be dynamically managed and modelled by entity investment value on a real time basis for ESG and financial performance. This means that at any given point you can report on the entire institutional fund value and ESG score for funds under management, individual fund values or ESG scores by individual investor.

The CadDo Solution
  • Fully hosted on Azure, using a full Microsoft stack. CadDo will provide all the technology, management & support
  • Fully customisable based on your changing needs & changing requirements
  • Adaptive, enabling new features to be added quickly (days/weeks, not months)
  • Fully scalable – the solution will grow and develop with you
  • Client-specific reports, inline with your Marketing team’s requirements, with CadDo doing all development work
  • Available to purchase through the Azure Portal (contact us for a Private Plan to be created), against Microsoft T&Cs
Your involvement
  • Send raw data as-is: no need to develop custom data extracts
  • Your IT team can play as big or small a part as you desire, from day-1 and through the course of operations
  • Provide new requirements in a flexible way (mock-ups, drawings etc.): no functional specs!
  • You focus on your business requirements, we do the rest

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