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Campus Management CampusNexus Platform


Campus Management CampusNexus Platform

Campus Management CampusNexus Platform

Software for Higher Education
Campus Management’s singular mission is to help institutions transform in response to a rapidly evolving higher education environment. CampusNexus® is the cloud-based platform that enables this transformation. This flexible, extensible solution suite built on Microsoft® technology enables you to offer flexible academic programs and terms, empower a wide diversity of learners, manage multiple campuses, automate financial aid processes and other workflows, optimize resources, and improve engagement and student outcomes – all on your terms. The solution suite aligns with your mission and helps you drive success across the student lifecycle.


  • CampusNexus Student – Serve traditional and nontraditional students alike on a highly flexible, cloud-based student information system that enables you to create new strategies and models as student needs evolve.
  • CampusNexus Finance, HR & Payroll – Optimizes budgets and resources around student success, improve planning and forecasting, and empower the full employee lifecycle with self-service tools.
  • CampusNexus Engage – Transform student engagement and outcomes leveraging a next-generation system of intelligence that combines predictive analytics, machine learning, and workforce analytics.
  • Talisma Fundraising – Build lifelong relationships with alumni and supporters through targeted outreach strategies, personalized communications, and convenient online tools.

Your Transformation Partner

Campus Management develops strong relationships with client institutions and provides exceptional services in support of its solutions, including:

  • Managed Services programs to augment your staff’s skill-sets, provide technical assistance and disaster recovery, and protect your investment
  • Implementation packages designed to meet your institution’s goals, timelines, and budgets
  • Project management services to facilitate communications across the organization and oversee the progress of your implementation
  • Training and consulting to enhance your use of the products and extend your ROI
  • Customer support with expanded hours to cover multiple time zones

Today, more than 1,100 institutions in over 30 countries partner with Campus Management to transform academic delivery, student success, and operational efficiency.