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Optimize your process and respond to process disruption in near real-time

Realize your plant's full potential with Canvass AI's Process Suite.
Exceed your production targets by finding previously hidden opportunities to optimize the process and by responding to process disruption in near real-time.
Canvass AI's patented Industrial AI solution Process Suite is designed to be intuitive for process engineers. The solutions in the Canvass AI Process Suite are being used to increase engineering and operational efficiency, improve profitability and achieve sustainability goals across the industrial sector. Unlike typical “black box” AI technologies, Canvass Industrial AI Software has a built-in "Explainability" feature that makes AI transparent for engineers to interpret results and make confident decisions.
Canvass AI's Process Suite has the following pre-built solutions for process engineers to start with These solutions do not require any data science expertise.
  • Complex Troubleshooting - Simplify complex problems and rapidly respond to operational disruptions with deeper insights from your data.
  • Quality Prediction - Produce the desired product quality and maximize yield with real-time predictions and actionable insights.
  • Set Point Control - Maximize productivity, increase efficiency, and meet sustainability targets by accurately predicting setpoints in real-time.'
  • Soft Sensor - Optimize product quality, maximize production, and meet sustainability targets by accurately estimating the measurements that matter most.
  • More solutions are being added to the suite regularly...

Why Leading Industrials Trust Canvass AI Every Day To Achieve Their Goals:

  • Industrial AI Decision Platform - Canvass AI complements existing industrial technologies to augment established workflows and unlock more value from data faster.
  • AI Solutions to Close Knowledge Gaps - Pre-built AI solutions analyze larger process areas and quickly narrow down problem size to deliver actionable insights that empower industrial teams to problem-solve faster.
  • Rapid Time to Value, Low Cost of Ownership - Supported by Canvass AI’s expert partners, Canvass AI’s easy-to-adopt solutions ensure fast and friction-free implementations that unlock the full value of AI.
  • Sustainable AI Journey - An intuitive user experience built for production teams empowers engineers to quickly extract value from data without requiring data science expertise.
  • AI for Data Lean Environments - Canvass AI’s Industrial AI technology can be applied to data-rich and data-lean environments. Requiring less data to learn, Canvass AI’s enables engineer expertise, data, and AI to collaborate, and build trust.
  • Trusted by Leading Industrials - Leading industrial companies across the globe trust Canvass AI to improve their day-to-day operations. We ensure your workforce is onboarded quickly and achieve their outcomes faster

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