Saas DQM Entreprises


DQM Entreprises is dedicated to search, retrieve, assign and enrich SIRET code and BtoB french data

This application is available only in French DQM Entreprises SaaS DQM Entreprises Service is dedicated to search, retrieve, assign SIRET code and enrich complementary data firms and establishment, directly from Information System and on completeness of french companies.

This service was rewarded by "Trophée du Cube d'Or de l’Innovation dans les Techniques de la Relation Client" (Cube d’Or Award for Innovation in Customer Relationship).

Thanks to CBC DEVELOPPEMENT's know how in data cleansing developed for several years, most advanced deduplication technics have been successfully implemented :
  • crossed and concurrent computations on company names, acronyms and signs,
  • using a unique algorithm to calculate similarity,
  • automatic sorting of results in descending order of relevance.

SaaS DQM Entreprises Service consists of three distinct types of functions in order to :
  • help entry and / or seeking a company or an establishment,
  • instantly collect data from INSEE database (SIRET code, status, employment size, creation date, legal form, number of establishments, activity code, ...),
  • automatic SIRET code assignment on batch mode, without file transfer.

SaaS DQM Entreprises Service uses data from many official data source in order to bring a complete information about companies.

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