Industrial IOT

por Celebal Technologies Private Limited

A Comprehensive IIoT Predictive Maintenance Solution for Industry Operations

Our IIoT Predictive Maintenance is a scalable solution that supports real-time alerting and monitoring of manufacturing components using IoT sensors that capture tones of data. The aggregated data is then streamlined and analyzed using data-driven tools to optimize operational efficiency, automation, maintenance, and rationalization. Furthermore, the confluence of machine learning, Power BI, and big data analytics opens up the possibility of significant productivity and cost savings.

IIoT Predictive Maintenance Solution has 85% accuracy over failure and anomaly prediction.


  • Self-service machine learning for anomaly detection and forecasting.
  • The ability to connect systems is built-in.
  • In a secure manner, data can be shared with other applications.
  • Based on sensor indicators, work orders are automatically escalated.
  • Seamless insights for data-driven decisions.
  • Uncover trends & patterns with easy-to-use data processing solutions.

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