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An automated knowledge mining tool for RFPs, Contract Managment, Legal, Audit and Fraud.

A document might contain thousands of pages and extracting hundreds of information might not be humanly feasible​. Extracting, Analyzing and Sorting information from documents like PDF is a tedious and tiring job in any industry especially if the document is unstructured​ as text can be messy. ​ Celebal is providing an End to End platform where customers can leverage SOTA Deep Learning capabilities on Question Answering without having to code anything. ​The solution has Data Security at all levels and uses Azure Key Vault for added Security.​ The system is real time i.e. answers to a list of questions is provided within few seconds of user uploading their document.​ The algorithm works on natural language by understanding relationships between entities. It works on context and syntax of the English language and so is immune to any changes in document structure.​ 

  • Contract Management​ - Knowledge mining can help organizations to scour thousands of pages of sources to create an accurate bid​
  • RFP Processing​ - Ask hundreds of questions from RFPs to quickly check for relevancy and proposal creation.
  • Auditing, risk and compliance management - For most organizations, the legal department faces the challenge of reviewing thousands of pages of documentation. Developers could use knowledge mining to help attorneys quickly identify entities of importance from discovery documents and flag important ideas across documents
  • Legal - Text Mining techniques can be used for extracting relevant knowledge from stored legal documents. The extracted knowledge is used to simplify the preparation of case base, facilitate in decision making and legal reasoning or for automatic identification of legal arguments​
  • Fraud Detection - Parse asset documents to search for certain parameters and determine if the application is faulty or not.

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