SAP Chatbot on Microsoft Teams

por Celebal Technologies Private Limited

One stop solution on Microsoft Teams for increasing business agility

Our SAP Chatbot on Microsoft Teams™ is an extension of your business persona to keep you abreast of the day-to-day business. It offers timely, concise, and contextual information that cuts through all the noise and helps you take appropriate actions. SAP Chatbot provides a one-stop conversational platform for accounts, sales, procurement, and finance departments. It is always possible to dig deeper into the details – within the chatbot or by launching SAP core apps.

SAP Chatbot reduces the need to login into SAP ERP by 90% or more.

  • Contextual Role-based Scorecards
  • Pre-built Ready to use SAP Business Content
  • Instant Access to Key Performance Indicators
  • Access to Transactions relevant to a Role
  • Seamless insights from data across Enterprise Systems
  • Simplified access to KPIs for senior executives
  • Ability to query about important attributes of a transaction
  • Available with various business personas like Sales Manager, Account Manager, Procurement Manager, CFO, etc

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