EKA - Enterprise Knowledge Advisor

por Celebal Technologies Private Limited

EKA is one-stop enterprise knowledge miner, powered by OpenAI

The Enterprise Knowledge Advisor, powered by OpenAI, empowers users to effortlessly and efficiently uncover hidden gems of information, enabling better decision-making, improved efficiency, and enhanced innovation. Whether you're seeking to enhance productivity, streamline processes, or stay ahead in a competitive landscape, the Enterprise Knowledge Advisor can be your trusted solution to harness the full potential of your internal knowledge. Say goodbye to information silos and hello to a smarter, more informed organization with the Enterprise Knowledge Advisor at your service. Transform your business today with this cutting-edge information mining solution.

Specific Features:
  • Persona Based Access
  • Increased Engagement with Enterprise Systems
  • Industry Specific KPI's
  • Enabled for Microsoft Teams
  • Intuitive flows for busy executives
  • Seamless integration with LOB Apps and Enterprise Apps
  • Built for mobile
  • Modern User Experience

Maximize Your Business Value with EKAA

  • Increased Employee Engagement ​
  • Simplification of Complex Business Processes ​
  • Better User Experience
  • Better Visibility
  • Improved Customer Service​
  • Micro-analytics
  • Effective Cost Management​
  • Measurable Employee Engagement

Core Benefits

  • Increased Work Agility​
  • One Single Hub for Teamwork
  • Secure Operations
  • Instant Notification Alerts

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