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Secure Work Management & Project Collaboration Software

Cerri Work helps you optimize team collaboration and work management so you can navigate your projects successfully from start to finish. Cerri Work supports efficiency and simplifies work for your entire organisation. From bottom to top all aspects of collaborative work management are facilitated whether it is task and project collaboration for a streamlined execution or monitoring costs and progress for an overall view on performance.

  • Use your preferred style of management. Easily plan and manage each of your projects using Gantt or Kanban or simply as a task list depending on your needs or preference.
  • Hit your deadlines every time. Create personal or assigned tasks, define deadlines and priorities, and share files and comments while keeping a clear view on your workload and priorities.
  • Record and monitor time effortlessly. Have teams effortlessly enter time and review/approve the timesheets of selected team members.
  • Empower teamwork and performance. Seamlessly collaborate with your team on projects and tasks by sharing comments and files and keeping tabs on all activity directly in Cerri Work or via MS Teams thanks to a native integration between the platforms.
  • Access the information you need. Effortlessly organize and categorise your project information, define access permissions, avoid data duplication, and ensure team members have easy access to the necessary information.
  • Get the most from your resources. Add human, material and generic resources according to your organisation’s needs and define their costs, skills and locations for optimal project planning and monitoring.

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