CGI SatSight

por CGI IT Czech Republic s.r.o.

Platform for automated Earth Observation based monitoring of infrastructures.

CGI’s SatSightprovides significant improvement over current methods of infrastructure monitoring, such as field inspections or helicopter monitoring. Satellite monitoring provides an early warning system and has a lower cost of maintenance with no hardware to purchase or maintain.

Developed by a team of innovators in the Czech Republic, CGI SatSightenables clients to automatically download, process and use data from satellitesto provide infrastructure threats warningsor general information about area monitoring.

Using freely available radaror opticalimages from Sentineldata, this solution cancurrentlydetect floods, third-party interferencesand vegetation near safe-lines of defined infrastructuresand monitor ground movement with millimeterprecision.It is use-case independent, therefore prepared for implementation of other types of analysis that may be tailored to clients’ needs.Once alerted, users can decide whether to send inspectors to the identified area or further investigate it with higher spatial resolution dataor take other measures.

This innovative platform provides:

  • Distributed and scalable processing with results computed within a few minutes
  • End-to-end solution ready for integration into existing clients’ systems
  • Platform and software independence –container (plug-in) architecture
  • Use of open source technologies, freely-available dataas well as the VHR data from commercial providers

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