CloudGuard CNAPP for Azure

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Automate security, compliance, risk management and more—across your cloud environments

CloudGuard Cloud-Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) offers industry-leading posture management, workload protection, and security automation throughout the software development lifecycle—from code to cloud. CloudGuard integrates with Azure natively, enhancing visibility by enriching context, provides actionable remediation insights, and speeds up threat mitigation across the software development lifecycle.

CloudGuard CNAPP provides intelligent risk prioritization, agentless scanning, entitlement management, and pipeline security capabilities—delivering:

· More Context. Deeper visibility from code to cloud across configurations, identities, vulnerabilities, network exposure and real-time security monitoring

· Actionable Security. Intelligently prioritize critical risks based on contextual analysis of all elements to focus on the threats that matter most

· Smarter Prevention. Prevent risks early in the dev pipeline, or stop them in production while providing actionable remediation guidance for misconfigurations and permissions


* Agentless scanning for deep visibility and runtime workload protection across containers, serverless, and virtual machines

* Pipeline security to shift security left, as well as detect and fix misconfigurations, secrets, and vulnerabilities in CloudFormation, Kubernetes, and other IaC templates early in the pipeline

* Effective Risk Management (ERM) to prioritize risks and provide actionable remediation guidance based on full context including workload posture, network exposure, identity permissions, attack path analysis, and the application business value

* 24/7 monitoring and auto-reversion of unauthorized modifications

Key Benefits:

* Security posture management, cloud compliance automation, and policy orchestration

* Auto-remediation of dangerous misconfigurations and threats

* Advanced cloud security intelligence with real-time monitoring, simplified traffic visualization, and analytics

* Automated Compliance and Governance

* Integrates with Azure Security Center, Azure Kubernetes Service, Azure Blob Storage, Azure Function, Network Security Group, and Azure AD

* Faster and more effective cloud security operations, pain-free compliance and governance, and rugged DevOps practices

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