PERFORM+ Quality – Healthcare Analytics Platform

por CitiusTech

Microsoft preferred solution

Enhance quality performance across patient and member populations

PERFORM+ Quality is part of CitiusTech’s PERFORM+ suite of products with a focus on enhancing quality performance across the enterprise, with over 750 KPIs across clinical, financial and operational domains. It provides pre-built dashboards, a highly configurable rules engine, and a state-of-the-art rules management module to deploy custom rules, with complete traceability.

Solution Focus: To make the transition to proactive care, Health plans and providers need to closely monitor patient & member populations, close gaps-in-care and manage costs. Perform+ Quality can help identify areas of improvement and enable proactive oversight to safeguard revenues and avoid penalties.

Key Business Use Cases:

Care reminders, Rx reminders: Create alerts that can be integrated to portals / workflow management system for reminders and notices

Longitudinal patient record: 360-degree view of patient across care systems

Behavioral Health, Care coordination & Management: Categorize patients & members by cohorts, create scorecards to enable engagement, focused planning and interventions

PERFROM+ Quality Modules:

Rules Engine: The fastest and most comprehensive rules engine in the industry. High-performance processing of clinical, financial, operational and regulatory measures.

Rules Management module: Award-winning, state-of-the-art rules management module that caters to the entire spectrum of your needs of custom rules, standard rules, traceability and audit.

Audit 360: Real-time clinical measure traceability across financial, contractual, operational and regulatory domains

Compare: Comprehensive tool that enables healthcare organizations to analyze differences in measure outputs with respect to new implementations or upgrades

Analytics: Powerful, intuitive, easy-to-use interface for reporting and analytics.

PERFROM+ Quality Advantages:

Flexibility: Building and managing additional measures to comply with new / changing quality programs.

Compliance: Ensuring accuracy of submissions and enable traceability for audits.

Proactiveness: Ability to continuously monitor and proactively close gaps.

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