FinOps-Cost Manager Studio


FinOps-Cost Manager Studio: Cloud Cost Management Platform

FinOps is a SaaS-based cloud cost management platform powered by Click2Cloud that helps you maximize the value of your cloud investments with visibility and accountability. Whether you want to allocate costs, enable team ownership, or optimize your cloud spend, FinOps-Cost Manager Studio drives better business outcomes. It unites technology, finance, and business to foster financial accountability and expedite value realization through cloud transformation.

By incorporating financial operations best practices such as automatic resource shutdown, rightsizing, anomaly detection, and alert management, the platform delivers quantifiable financial benefits visible to all stakeholders. These practices, combined with the core features, not only optimize ongoing cloud spending but also contribute to achieving cloud unit economics by calculating and measuring fully burdened costs.

Why FinOps-Cost Manager Studio?

Prevent Unexpected Cloud Costs: Detailed insights, reports, and AI-powered automated recommendations.

Gain Visibility: Allocate, benchmark, and forecast for intelligent decisions.

Maximize Efficiency: Fine-tune resources, leverage provider offerings, and automate processes.

Sustain Success: Evaluate alignment with business goals, cultivate a FinOps culture, and sustain long-term success.

FinOps Key Offerings

· Cloud Budget

· Cloud Optimization

· Cloud Cost Management

· Cloud Capacity Utilization

· Resource Management and Optimization

· Forecasting and Alert Management


· FinOps Framework

· Inform

· Optimization

· Cost Benefit Analysis

· Operate

Key Deliverables

· Assessment of Current Practices

· Persona Risk Analysis

· Risk Management Solution

· Real-time Financial Forecasting

· Scenario Planning

· Roadmap and Timeline

What You Will Get

· Understanding of Cloud Usage and Value

· Real-Time Decision Making

· Cloud Value Optimization

· Cloud Usage Optimization

· Performance Tracking & Benchmarking

· Optimization Report

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