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Office 365 Reporting & Auditing SaaS Platform. Monitor Users, Groups, Licenses, Login Activity, etc

Office 365 Reporting & Auditing Tool

Office 365 reporting tool by InfraSOS. Our Microsoft Office 365 reporting & auditing platform allows you to have full oversight of your Office 365 / Azure AD tenant with complete auditing of all your objects. Automate your Office 365 monitoring by reporting on any object within your Azure AD tenant. 1,000's of pre-built reports to run or customize your own Office 365 reports such as:

  • Office 365 User Reports - Report on user activity, status, login activity, usage, MFA status, password settings, last modified, admins or any Azure AD user attribute. 100's of reports available to customize.
  • Office 365 Group Reports - Report on Security Groups, Distribution Groups, Group Members, Dynamic Groups, Groups with / without owner, Group Sizes & more.
  • Office 365 License Reports - Generate reports on Office 365 licensed users, unlicensed users, licenses details, status and more. Automate reports using report schedule. Great report to reduce Office 365 license costs.
  • Office 365 MFA Status - Create reports to find out which users are enabled and not enabled for Azure AD Multi-Factor authentication. Get details on MFA authentication methods used and more.
  • Azure AD Monitoring - Monitor Azure AD user sign-ins, Azure AD Connect Health, Azure AD Audit (Sign-ins, Audit, Provisioning activities), Azure Risky Sign-ins. Set scheduled reports to be alerted.
  • Office 365 Mail Usage - Monitor your Microsoft 365 mailboxes, messages, usage, utilization, alerts, eDiscovery, information protection, secure score, Traffic, Connections & much more
  • Azure AD Applications - Monitor your Azure AD Application usage, creation of new apps, modifications, security changes, and more.
  • And so much more - 1,000's of reports available, every month new reports and features are being added to our platform.

Automate your reporting by creating schedules to email you or other team members the latest reports on any Office 365 report.

Try InfraSOS Office 365 Reporting for free. No infrastructure required. Completely SaaS all-in-one Office 365 monitoring solution.

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