CloudMoyo Rail Crew Management (CCM)

por CloudMoyo Inc

CloudMoyo Crew Management is an Azure-based crew management software for the rail industry

CloudMoyo Crew Management (CCM) is a cloud-native SAAS product that empowers railroads to agilely manage crew processes across boards, optimize crew deployment, track compliance with Hours of Service (HoS) and other regulatory rules, and provide real-time visibility with advanced analytics and business intelligence dashboards into key crew-related metrics.

CCM assists railroads in effectively and optimally schedule, factoring in parameters like crew availability, seniority, and eligibility; crew allocation order; and train schedule compliance. Crew can easily be assigned to applicable jobs with the help of notifications and a mobile acceptance system optimizing managing crews in freight railroads.

CloudMoyo Crew Management features:

  • Intelligent crew board sequencing
  • Optimized scheduling
  • Automated duty call assignments
  • Real-time crew availability
  • Rule-based algorithms to manage a complex, multi-union workforce environment
  • Intuitive duty acceptance and claims tracking user experience
  • Taxi and lodging bookings through a mobile interface
  • Leave management and day-to-day operations and incident management

Crew analytics for CCM:

The product is enhanced with a state-of-the-art reporting and analytics platform that enables crew managers and to track various metrics such as:

  • Inventory
  • Crew boards
  • Hours of Service
  • Utilization ratios
  • Layoffs, deadheads, and recrew reasons
  • Rail analytics
  • Dwell time

Benefits of CCM:
  • 30% reduction in dwell time with optimized crew scheduling
  • Increased velocity and agility with real-time, intelligent rostering
  • Efficient leave management, overtime, exception, and dispute management
  • Better regulatory compliance with FRA regulations and union contracts
  • 80% reduction in manual data management
  • Decrease in human errors in crew scheduling and rostering
  • Increased service availability due to reduced deadheads and utilization of crew availability
  • Easy access and user experience through the MyCall mobile app - A self-service application for crew

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